Cingular’s 8125 Pocket PC phone,

the GSM answer to the 6700, combines a large comfortable keyboard and a full suite of communication options.


The Cingular 8125 is a rebranded version of the HTC Wizard Pocket PC phone. The Wizard is also sold in a slightly different casing by T-Mobile, under the name MDA (or MDA Vario, if you happen to be in Europe) and various other brands. Most of this review also applies to the Cingular 8100, which is a version of the Wizard without an embedded camera.

Design & Construction

The 8125 bears a great deal of external resemblance to its CDMA sibling, the HTC Apache. Like the Apache (which is sold by Sprint and Verizon under the PPC6700/XV6700 name), the 8125 has a side-sliding keyboard, thick candybar design, and 2.8 inch QVGA screen.

Unlike the Apache, the 8125 doesn’t have 3G data service. Users who want UMTS or HSDPA service on their handheld will have to wait for the HTC Hermes, expected out some time late this year. The 8125, meanwhile, hops along on 2.5G EDGE, which we’ll talk about under Communication.